5 thoughts on “Warning Signs

    1. This road is very near to where my spouse grew up so we have a good idea of the outcome going down this road. But we came into the area on another road less travelled and suddenly were into a deeply rutted wet mud hole😳…lots of spinning, sliding, bumping, bottoming out of the car but we got through it with the car intact. Thanks, Hedy…joy to you.

  1. And I bet that could be a problem! Where we were recently in southern Utah there were many warning signs about what rain can do to the roads there. It’s hard to imagine when you’re not from the area but a summer rainstorm down there can make roads completely impassible. Those warnings are important!
    (I heard that you and Linda got together – cool!)

    1. I’m trying to think back; I don’t think we every had any rainfall on any of the trips we have taken out there. I guess the dust is so fine and deep that a little rain makes it very slippery, especially on top of the smooth rock?

      We did! I hope Linda told you a little bit about it.

      1. Yes – the “soil” is so fine it just turns to mud when it rains. I’ve never had rain when I was there either but it snowed last month when we were in Torrey. No problems with roads once they were plowed. L. hasn’t said much yet – I’m waiting. 🙂

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