Photo-walk at Hurdle Waterfowl Park

Last Week Linda Grashoff of Romancing Reality and I, along with our spouses, met, for the first time, at the Hurdle Waterfowl Park near Sullivan, Ohio for a morning photo-walk and conversation.  We were greeted by a beautiful spring morning and a network of pleasant paths wandering around the three ponds on the mostly wooded 66 acre park.  Linda and I have been virtual acquaintances through our blogs for a long time but I think we were both a little surprised that we picked up our conversations like old friends.  Our morning walk was over too quickly…

I am posting a selection of images from the morning below.  Be sure to check out Linda’s images at Romancing Reality.

~A light breeze across the lake
~Tree beside the corncrib from the inside out
~Hurdle reflections
~Little footbridge
~Silver platters
~Hurdle marsh
~An unintended cross-section
~Hurdle detail

Polk, Ohio

Like so many little towns, Polk is on the way to someplace else. I am reminded of small towns I have known. A pride in community, a resilience, the church, stories from the past…but in quiet moments, a sadness.