MMC Exhibit

These images were in an exhibit of my photographs at Millersburg Mennonite Church from January 26, 2014 through February 23, 2014.   Click on any thumbnail to open the viewer.


15 thoughts on “MMC Exhibit

    1. Thank you for your generous comments, Hedy. I am very happy when one of my photographs resonates with someone. That is the beauty of WordPress…I have several photo-blogs that I check every morning, each one with its own character and offering {and teaching } a little different view of the world. Yours is on that list. 🙂
      Thanks again for your kind comments.

  1. Thank you. The Pacific northwest of the US, and Canada {do you refer to it as the Pacific southwest? …that thought never occurred to me until now} is a beautiful part of the world. I hope to get out there again sometime.

  2. I’m curious about your exhibit – I’ve always thought I would need to make a bunch of 16×20’s to do an exhibit, but yours are mostly 6×9 or 7×11. How did you display them? In frames or mounted on foam board. It would be great to see a photo of how you set up your display. Btw – I’m involved with an MB church – we meet in a gymnasium – lots of young families. Do you attend MMC?

    1. I assume that if you are exhibiting in a gallery there might be suggested or required print sizes but how would I know? On the other hand, painting, sketches, etc. come in all different sizes at the discretion of the artist so that is the approach I take. My preferred size is the 6×9 printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. That would be matted and displayed in an 11×14 black metal frame. The size and framing preference goes back to my photographic beginnings; all very traditional from 40 years ago. I have always, with only a few exceptions, printed and mounted my own photographs.

      Yes, we attend MMC.

  3. Like someone else said, strong work. I especially like the Spring lambs running and the evening vista – the yellow blurred photo – as well as the Pacific Northwest forest image.

    1. Thank you. So nice to hear that you like these photographs. A quick look at your blog indicates that you are familiar with the layering technique I used for that yellow photograph. It was taken through a stained glass window in our church instead of the greenhouse glass in your photographs.

  4. Bluebrightly and I must be on the same wavelength. This is the first time I’ve seen this collection of stunningly beautiful work. “Moonrise” brings to mind You-Know-Who, of course, while some of the other landscapes take my breath away.

    1. Thank you so much for your affirming comments, ag. Considering that some unknown millions of photographs are taken every day, many in more exotic places than I frequent and by more talented photographers, I am honored when someone, like you and Bluebrightly, takes time to comment on even one of my simple images. Very much appreciated…

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