8 thoughts on “Guy & Darlene

    1. I noticed too 🧐, but the post is really about the totality of the declaration and the medium. The grammar is just part of that so I didn’t want to single it out.

      This is part of an informal study of the ways a very general “we” leave “records of passage” as we go through our days…just observations, without analysis or judgement.

      1. That’s an interesting idea, Mic. I have to say that since moving here, I’ve seen too many initials carved into Madrone bark – it’s perfect for that – so I’ve become prejudiced against the whole idea. A picnic table might be different – at least this example isn’t huge. And they went with the grain! 😉

      2. Ah, I have the same prejudice and others. That’s why I’m trying to put those aside and just observe. 🙂. And these ‘records of passage’ may not always be intentional, permanent or destructive. I have some things in mind but I also hope I’ll be surprised by some.

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