7 thoughts on “The Wood is in the Woodshed

  1. There’s a comforting feeling of texture and color tone to your picture. And I like the way you viewed the stacks of wood from an angle in order to capture that nice gradient from light to dark. I wasn’t familiar with that song… beautiful.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment, John. I would have included a link to the song but couldn’t find one that suited me; it sounds like you found one. I’m happy to hear that you liked it.

  2. We see this in a few places around here and I always like noticing the wood piling up. Coupled with the song, the image takes on even more meaning (I listened to Jean Ritchie – he’s new to me and satisfyingly straightforward, as it should be). It’s interesting how the stacking pattern changed – maybe for increased stability.

    1. Interesting. I would have thought folks in your area would heat with wood. My introduction to the song was through the Laurie Lewis version I referenced so it set the bar for me. As I told John, I couldn’t find another recording to link to that I liked. I hope the lyrics held up the music in the version you listened to. Thanks, Lynn…I appreciate your comments.

      1. We may not be as rural as we look. A lot of people do heat with wood, but only supplementally and not so much here on the island, where everyone has electricity and gas. I love the smell of woodsmoke but on still days it can be a problem. The version I heard has a nice feeling of simplicity, as that kind of song should. I don’t usually pay as much attention to lyrics as I do to the tune, rhythm, etc. so I can’t say anything about that part. Have a nice weekend!

      2. We have the full gamut here. The Amish are off the grid; most of the rest of us use conventional heat and power. Then everything in between.

        As for the song, in this case, I bought it for the lyrics…such a visual description of winter years ago in the Appalachian mountains. Best of the weekend to you too!

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