4 thoughts on “Reflection on Frozen Leaves

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I like this concept of reflecting not just the image across the lower horizontal axis but also into a reversed tonal space. But the thing I found interesting here was the white leaf. I saw several like it that morning; I think it was either a very thin layer of ice on top of the leaf or combination of ice and an air bubble? I should have poke around a little more.

      1. Ice and an air bubble – anything’s possible, right? I sure don’t know! And I think the way the rt. side leaf hardly changes at all when you do the reversal is interesting, too. Then there are the speckles that illustrate how a medium gray looks darker against a light background and lighter against a dark background. Oh, my friend Almuth in Germany would like this – I’ll send her a link. Did you use photoshop?

      2. This started out as black & white but it was too flat 👎. By that time I had two B&W images, one positive and one negative. I changed them both back to color so what did I have now? The negative is not really a color negative. I used the ‘Luma’ (luminosity) curve in Capture One; White becomes black, light brown becomes dark brown, exactly middle brown remains exactly middle brown…the tonal value changes but the color remains the same.

        I used Capture One to make the image adjustments including the flipping the negative image to a mirror image. In the past I tacked them together in the WordPress “classic” editor but couldn’t get that to work. I put them together in Apple Pages. Hope that answers some questions…maybe more detail than you wanted. 😁

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