Flint Ridge Ancient Quarries and Nature Preserve

Flint Ridge Memorial is a small preserve on an extensive vein of Vanport Flint in central Ohio.  The beautifully colored flint was valued for making tools and ceremonial objects by the indigenous people of this area and beyond for thousands of years.  Tools made from this distinctive material have been found as far away as the Rocky Mountains and Gulf coast.   The Memorial preserves ancient quarry pits and natural outcrops of the rock. Vanport flint has been declared Ohio’s official gemstone.

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Chips of flint showing the sharp edges the made it prized for cutting tools.

Ancient quarry pits are scattered through the preserve.

Below, a vug (cavity) in the flint containing small quartz crystals.

Lakeside Daisy


For Mother’s Day, my wife and I have a tradition of going to the Lakeside Daisy Preserve on Ohio’s Marblehead peninsula.  Lakeside Daisies are on the federal list of endangered species and, by some accounts, the Marblehead preserve is the only naturally occurring population in the United States.

This photograph above shows the flowers growing up from a lush green carpet of vegetation but the preserve is situated on an old limestone quarry and the soil is poor.  The photograph below is perhaps more typical.