An Old Beaver Pond


This land along the Holmes County Trail had been flooded by beaver dams for as long as I have been riding this way.  Last summer we had a period of extreme rain events that washed the dams away leaving much of the land apparently dry.  I say “apparently” because yesterday I was so taken by the new landscape, the fog, the sunrise that I ventured down on to that dry land for a better point of view.  I stepped out off the bank about 80 cm and stood admiring the view…for about four seconds.  Suddenly my right foot went through the dry crust into muck up to my calf.  I shifted my weight to my left foot which immediately joined my right foot in the muck.  Each instinctive shift of weight from one foot to the other sent me a little deeper until I wasn’t sure that I would ever be found…well that is a bit of exaggeration, although thoughts of quicksand did come briefly to mind.  I was pretty firmly stuck up to my knees.  I snapped a single photograph, taking advantage of my firmly anchored position, before twisting around and pulling myself out using what ever brush and bramble I could grab on to.  

My formerly nice, general purpose boots have now been repurposed to wear in the barn…