5 thoughts on “Spillway

      1. I wasn’t familiar with his mixed-media work, thanks. I can see a Turner influence for sure. If you don’t mind me asking, what does your process involve? I remember reading years ago that some of the Pictorialists experimented with oil-smeared lenses for new interpretations. ☺

      2. Oh yeah, there are all sorts of tools in the toolbox. I have a couple of glass filters available, one is permanently smeared with clear Duco cement…not messy like oil. And shallow depth of focus, throwing everything out of focus, shooting through stained and/or textured glass, various things with slow shutters…I’ve done all of those from my photographic beginning many years ago.

        In this series, starting with the iPhone images, I am exploiting the noise of the digital sensor. This image was taken with a P&S camera with a smaller sensor, with the ISO turned way up, and a 24mm equivalent focal length while standing too far away from the subject. Then in processing I pull the Noise Reduction slider to the Max and crop the image hard to get the subject framed the way I want it. Finally adjust the contrast, clarity, etc to fine tune it.

        Why?: Every landscape has a story, lots of them really; its own deep map. At best, I only know a little bit of it; just like these images a lot of detail is missing. So I can imagine what the story might be…that’s an invitation I hope that some viewers will accept too. I am prepared to accept that many folks will see a dark, blurry image and go looking for something more pleasing. 🙂

        My apology for the long ramble…most of the time I stay with more conventional photography.

      3. Much enjoyed the glimpse into your process and your thoughts about the range of meaning in landscapes. It’s a beautiful image; rich with emotional strength.

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