13 thoughts on “You can follow this little creek to New Orleans

    1. Thank you. Your comments, along with many other things, make me wish I had paid more attention in my art appreciation class long ago…😞

    1. Thank you, Lynn…such a nice way to say it. The more I worked with this one the more I liked it…for the colors as you mention but also the soft reflections and the many tree branches.

      The title…🙄 I don’t know where that came from but it occurred to me that I knew the riverine way to New Orleans from that point…there are five rivers including this one. I would be less confident starting out on the road without a map from the same location.

      1. Absolutely, the reflections draw me in. That’s funny about land vs. water travel. The first time I really thought about the difference between the two was when I worked as a camp counselor one summer and did a canoe trip down a river – I think it may have been the Delaware – for several days. I was blown away by how different the world was from that point of view – both the visuals and the pace.

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