12 thoughts on “Early November Trees, #2

    1. Thanks, Ken. I’m glad you like it. I usually try to talk myself out of it but I added some “silver-rich grain” to this one…that is something I truly miss from the old film days.

      1. I loved to print scenes like this one in my darkroom but those days are gone. I gave away all my darkroom equipment last year to a master’s student who was thrilled to have it. There are days I miss printing but I soon come to my senses. I love everything about digital photography.

      2. Gone for me too. I tried to find a home for my equipment several years ago but didn’t succeed. I gave it to a local thrift store and I think they sold it online. The only thing I really miss is the grain, but only in some images, and watching the image come up in the developer under the safelight. Digital photography allows for a lot more completed photographs, at least for me…I like it.

  1. Perfection…the heavy grain is almost too much but it all works – especially the fence, which is barely hinted at.
    Your conversation with Ken about darkroom days is interesting to read, too. That wasn’t in my experience. I don’t envy you all for having that background but I do think it makes a difference. We each come to the table with different histories, right? 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lynn. Yes, we do come with different histories; that’s part of the magic (or mystery) of your recent “This Place, This Moment” post I think. I wouldn’t want it any other way…🙂

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