8 thoughts on “Backwater

  1. You sent me Googling again, Mic. Here’s what I found out about the meaning of “backwater”:
    “a part of a river not reached by the current, where the water is stagnant.
    ‘the eels inhabit backwaters’
    an isolated or peaceful place.
    ‘a sleepy Midwest backwater.'”
    I’d say you’ve illustrated both here, and I like that the tree is bending backwards; seems fitting. Another really nice photograph, dramatic sky and everything.

    1. Well, I didn’t check the meaning of “backwater” before I used it, although I often do to avoid misusing a word or using one with an off-color meaning. It seemed so descriptive of the image that I was going to claim poetic license if anyone called me on it. I’m glad it actually fit the definitions. Thanks for the nice comment, Linda.

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