5 thoughts on “Wall Hangings

  1. I can appreciate photos of flowers and trees, landscapes and seascapes, street scenes and portraits but a scene like this takes a different kind of vision. It’s a beautiful composition. Well done, Mic.

    1. Thank you, Ken. A collection of old tools, most left behind by old friends and family members who didn’t need them anymore. The physical legacy of working with our hands that I hope will pass on to my sons and grandchildren.

    1. I think it’s a good thing; I appreciate people who do it, and admire the skills of those who do it well. Old tools develop a patina; the older I get, the more I appreciate itπŸ™‚. Except for two, each of the tools in the photograph has a story and a previous owner no longer living. So when I use the tool I remember the person…

      1. Nice. It would have been smart to save my father’s hammer but I don’t think anyone thought of it when the time came. He was one of those intense guys who did things like reupholstering an antique side chair down in the basement in his free time. I still have that! πŸ˜‰

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