Morning Walk at Sheldon Marsh

Last week Linda Grashoff of Romancing Reality, our spouses, and I met at the Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve for another morning of photography together.   Sheldon Marsh preserve is 472 acres of woodland, marsh, and barrier beach along the shore of Lake Erie.  The day we went was sunny with pleasantly moderated temperatures and humidity.  We all had another enjoyable morning of exploring, photography, and conversation.

I have included a selection of my photographs below.  Linda has posted her’s in Part 1 and Part 2.


~Following a softly lit wooded path
~Sun-dappled leaves above
~Details on the forest floor below.
~Late summer reminders of the approaching autumn season.

Somewhere along the path at this point I began to hear the sound of waves breaking on the barrier beach at the north end of the marsh.  I found Linda and told her the lake was calling me there.  I went ahead, regrettably in retrospect, bypassing most of the marsh.

~Yellow Lotus plants as far as the eye can see cover the marsh
~Shadows (and a small tree) falling on the beach
…and then, a hundred photographs of the interplay of light and shadow, waves, and beach detritus
~finding that each uprush leaves a line of sediment on the beach, a record of its extent…until it is washed away by another {click the image for a larger view; then notice the new line at the water’s edge}
~Further along, the beach opens up. Beach grass against the background of Lake Erie.
~Looking east beyond the breakwater, gentle waves and fair-weather clouds.

7 thoughts on “Morning Walk at Sheldon Marsh

  1. These are beautiful, Mic. If my photographs were an illustration of the ones that got away, yours are an illustration of how to not let them get away. Your third photo, especially, shows what’s really interesting about that log and does so with a composition that truly works. It’s funny: I never saw the water on the beach, as you did so expertly in your number 8. How could I never see the water on the beach? Guess I was looking at other things. Glad you were there to fill me in. Glad you are here to show me the ropes.

    1. Thanks, Linda. What I have appreciated from our photo-walks is that we see subjects in our own way if we even both see them, compose and process them to our own mind’s eye, and finally choose which images to post. They are our own. That’s the beauty of photography and I have enjoyed seeing that play out in our posts both times.

  2. These photographs exemplify why you prefer to work in black and white – they carry your vision forward. I’m not sorry you went to the lake and I’d like to see more of the “hunderd photographs of the interplay of light and shadow…” I really like the two you have here. I know those subtle wave lines and I’ve photographed them quite a few times, not usually successfully. I also love the shadows on the beach – but in the woods, the path is lovely, the fallen leaves are evocative, and the sun-dappled leaves are beautiful. Very satisfying.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Ah, yes…the hundred photographs. Let me just say that I went to the Lake with lots of enthusiasm and no experience. So maybe a couple more will wash up on the Sketchbook.

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