5 thoughts on “Natural Areas

    1. Thank you, Lynn. There is a little merger at the top of the stump that I was disappointed with but everything else was what I wanted.

      Yes. I always wonder why they fell these big trees. They can’t move them after they’re down but I wonder if the tops give them a concentrated supply of branches they can move and use. If you look at the right side of the image you can see another big tree that they have started on.

      1. I’ve had the same thought! Why? Maybe you’re right about the branches, plus the big trees are probably great for sharpening those teeth. 😉
        Oh, I see the other one now – I bet it’ll be down by the next time you’re there.
        I actually saw one a few weeks ago – almost the first ever. It brazenly crossed a narrow road in the state park near here and slowly waddled into the undergrowth. DIdn’t seem the least bit afraid of cars. Broad daylight.

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