5 thoughts on “Waning Worm Moon

  1. Very beautiful, Mic, so low on the horizon. The sky color is splendid. I love seeing Venus and the crecsent moon…the faint evidence of Saturn is so deleitae. Really nice!

    1. Thank you, Lynn. If you have clear skies and a clear view to the east there is a nice gathering of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and the Moon tomorrow thru the 27th in the predawn sky. I always like to see the planets close together, especially in the morning sky.

      1. Predawn…that’s hard for me, especially these days when dawn gets earlier and earlier. That must be in the eastern sky? So I’d have to drive somewhere for a view without trees – but no doubt it would be worth it. And then we have the clouds. Boy, I’m a lot of fun today, aren’t I? 😉

      2. Sounds like a lot of things working against you, Lynn. If it’s any consolation to you by the time Jupiter has risen, the sky is pretty bright making them all more difficult to see, except Venus, the brightest. I think tomorrow, the 26th, will be the best with Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon very close together. The most beautiful part of this gathering to me is that, if you think about it, you can really visualize the Solar System and the Earth’s place in it.

        Warm and sunny here this morning; toads trilling down at the pond, Wood Thrushes singing in the ravine, a Barred owl call in the distance…springtime is here. Have a good week, Lynn.

      3. Thanks, Mic, it’s been too cloudy anyway. But I love your idea of visualizing the earth’s place in the solar system when we have a chance to see several planets together like that – especially some beyond us and some that are between us and the sun. Very cool.

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