8 thoughts on “Silhouette and its Shadow

      1. That sounds pretty. We had a highly unusual White Christmas and the cold stuck around for over a week, with more snow. Reminded me of upstate NY – almost! 😉

      2. Yes, now it’s landslide time. Nothing dangerous in the immediate area though and the rain has stopped for a bit. The excitement here was the confluence of high winds and king tides that wreaked havoc on the shorelines, even unmooring a floating dock and pushing it into a rocky corner, where it will stay until??? My experience of the PNW has been that there are fewer extreme weather events than on the east coast. It doesn’t get as hot or cold, or as windy, etc . But lately, it is not so moderate around here.

    1. The tsunami warning was a fun thing to occupy our minds with, as soon as we knew it wouldn’t amount to anything here. We don’t live next to the shoreline so no worries there but it could have caused trouble. As it turned out it was a calm day weather-wise and I saw a rather rare bird (Marbled murrelets), so it was exciting in that way.

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