8 thoughts on “Beuna Vista School

    1. Oh yes, still in use. I don’t know how many little parochial schools we have in the county. A lot. Each school goes through the eighth grade.

      We had a quiet Christmas day…the excitement begins tomorrow. 🙂 Hope yours has been/is enjoyable. It seems our weather may have traded places…we had rain and warm temperatures here; you’re having snow and cold?

      1. That’s interesting to hear about the schools. Yes, we traded places! It looks as though we won’t get above freezing at all until the end of the week. Very unusual! We have about 5″ of snow, enough to be very pretty, but this area isn’t prepared for the extended cold. I wonder how well they’ll do with the roads – we didn’t drive today but will try tomorrow. Abnormal is the new normal, right?

      2. …or maybe we have been fooled all along!? I just looked at your weather; wow, it’s not letting up yet. More wind and snow. I hope you are able to get what you need to get through it…

      3. Thanks, Mic, it’s pretty crazy. I grew up in Syracuse, among other places, but that was a long time ago! In ten years here I’ve become accustomed to moderate temps. The roads aren’t good but they’re passable and we’re stocked up so we’re fine. We even have a generator now, in case the power goes out, which is possible with all that weight on the trees. It’s still very pretty after several days – as if we were in Vermont or something. But getting out in this with a camera, well, that’s questionable, as much as I want to make photographs.

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