7 thoughts on “Mt. Hope Post Office

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I took this series of Post Offices on a Sunday afternoon in 2019. I don’t know how or if people elsewhere interact with their post offices but in our area they are still very important. It occurred to me that afternoon that they could be gone in the future, that I should at least photograph the outside of our county’s post offices. I still have a few more to do some Sunday afternoon in the future.

      1. I should say that while this is the main intersection in Mount Hope, it is on Sunday afternoon. Any other day of the week it is full of traffic and a level of commerce that you would not believe. The bank on the opposite corner is there for a reason, as is another one down the street. πŸ™‚

      2. Sunday afternoon was the right time to do these; I think the empty streets add something. Post offices! I had the thought while looking at your photos that someday they could be gone – I must have read your mind. When we first moved to Washington State there was a really strange PO near us that has since closed. It was a hole-in-the-wall type place, very funky, low-key, and unofficial-feeling. You walked in past racks of trinkets and candy for sale to the crowded counter in the back. There were always little kids in a room you couldn’t quite see, behind the counter. I’m pretty sure the woman running the place was also running an informal daycare. They were nice and efficient but the atmosphere didn’t inspire confidence at all. However, when it vanished and was replaced by a huge complex of buildings with a Trader Joe’s, a Nordstrom’s & a Barnes & Noble, we were really sad. We were glad we moved away, too! Up here it’s more rural and the PO still seems to play a fairly important role in the community. People are always going in and out. On summer days, a guy sits on the bench outside and plays his guitar. πŸ˜‰

      3. I never thought about it that way. Maybe the empty streets foretell the demise of the post office as most people move to email and private carriers/couriers. πŸ€” It’s another case of policy makers in urban areas not understanding the lack of services in rural areas…I imagine but don’t know.

        Your description of the strange PO is a perfect description for the camera counter I comment on in the Walnut Creek post. I have been in little stores with a Post Office counter in them.

      4. So maybe you wouldn’t have been surprised by the little PO but Joe and I had not seen anything like it. What a difference from the imposing PO building in lower Manhattan, right across from the World Trade Center, where I worked for the NY State Dept. of Health. Our offices were on the upper floors of the building. The main floor was all polished marble and overworked clerks. πŸ˜‰

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