8 thoughts on “Rusted

    1. Well maybe not too funny… 😉 But yes, the vivid purple of ironweed especially along side the bright yellows of goldenrod are a highlight of autumn here. But now that is mostly gone and I was amused by the wrinkled dark brown color of the ironweed looking like so much rust…

  1. Love your title!!! I think this is the first year I have noticed that purple ironweed flowers turn to rust-colored seed heads. (My resident botanist says the proper technical term is “fruiting heads.”) You isolated the plants nicely from the background, Mic.

    1. Thank you, Linda. The ironweed always stands out in a field of lighter colored grasses but this was the first year I noticed the amusing play on words that the ironweed had rusted. Almost as amusing was that I hadn’t noticed it until now. 🙄

      The isolation from the background is courtesy of a new f/1.4 lens.

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