~Zanesville, Ohio

Last April I put up several posts showing the old S-bridges along U.S. Rt.40, the old National Road, in eastern Ohio. In the first post I mentioned this other letter bridge that we didn’t get to that day. A few weeks ago when we went to Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl we also went to the Y-Bridge. It is located at the confluence of the Licking River on the left and the larger Muskingum River flowing in from the right. Rt. 40 East is to the right, Rt. 40 West is to the left, Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl is down the other branch of the bridge and under the railroad bridge in the upper right.

4 thoughts on “Y-Bridge

    1. The first one was built in 1814 but washed away in a flood four years later. The one in the picture is the fifth iteration built in 1984. There is a dam on the Muskingum River beyond the railroad bridge to the upper right which helps protect it from floods. It’s hard to photograph from the ground; there are some good aerial photos on the www.

  1. We have a family saying that goes like this…”You smell like six nights in Zanesville.” We use it when someone is all dressed up and is wearing perfume or cologne. Family history says that during prohibition, you could party six nights a week in Zanesville, but on Sundays, they shut the place down.

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