7 thoughts on “Looking Across Noble Lake

    1. Thank you, Lynn. I was a little bit happier with the images from this arboretum than from the previous one. When I dug out my infrared filter earlier this spring I had a different approach in mind which still has not been realized. Maybe I’ll revisit those ideas this weekend.

      1. I forgot how you were doing the infrared photos – with a filter – that allows you to see it right then and there. I hope you’re having fun this weekend.

      2. …although the image is red. I adjust the white balance and convert to black & white later. I have considered having a camera converted but I really like the longer exposures that come with just a filter most of the time. I can imagine subjects that might be better with faster shutter speeds.

      3. My ignorance of techniques is showing _ I didn’t know the image you see is red. Obviously, what you’re using now is working. 🙂

      4. I might write up a little description of how I do infrared. The approach I thought I would work on this past week( and didn’t) was probably done using the Lightroom/Photoshop Infrared effect now that I think about it. It might be interesting to look at the differences even though I don’t use Lightroom anymore.

      5. I also might add to my comment that the simulated infrared in Lightroom emphasizes the bright foliage but doesn’t simulate the low values very well. That may partially explain our different expectations from infrared.

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