8 thoughts on “Sandusky River

    1. Thank you, Eliza. From a little day trip last week to a small Nature Preserve and a river that I have driven over on the highway many times but had never walked along.

    1. …Ansel Adams is supposed to have written, “Sometimes I feel that I have come upon the subject just when God is ready to have the shutter clicked.” That must have been it.

      I was really surprised by this river. I expected a muddy little creek…I was obviously wrong. 🙂 I’m happy to hear you like it.

  1. What a great composition and angle. Works surprisingly well in B & W too.

    Can I ask if you increased the contrast in editing? (or on my newish iMac in-house photo editing I could increase the black point to give better contrast).

    1. Thank you, Vicki. This was taken on a mostly sunny spring day in the mid-morning…the natural contrast was very good in the image. I almost always make many adjustments after I convert to B & W and that workflow is, hmmm?, chaotic. 🙂 In the case of this image, I changed several sliders but I think mostly by small values. I’m thinking that some of the biggest changes were in the way the colors are mapped into the B & W tones. I darkened the blue sky this way by mapping the blue into a lower tone.

      1. Well, all those adjustments, small as they were, certainly made for a good conversion 🙂

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