6 thoughts on “S-Bridges of the Old National Road – Salt Fork

    1. Thank you, John. This bridge is the most “authentic” in the sense that it was still in use up to 2013 according to the information I have. Of the remaining four, one is badly deteriorated and the other three have been restored as historical sites.

      I have travelled along and been aware of the National Road all my life. It goes through lots of once prosperous little towns that are now in decline. Once we feel comfortable making overnight trips, it would be interesting to drive the entire original length.

  1. Beautifully done, Mic. I like the framing, the choices of what to include, and the soft light. There’s something very graceful about the whole picture here.

    1. Thank you. This was the most natural setting of the five bridges and the older house in the background was the only building around. Not that it was all peace and quiet; Interstate 70 was only 100 yards through the trees behind me.

      1. 🙂 You’d never think about traffic noise from the photo. Some places I go are like that – a highway is nearby and the traffic noise doesn’t fade unless you get on the other side of a hill.

      2. Actually, except for the traffic on the Interstate, this was the quietest of our stops. We pulled the chairs out and ate our lunch here. It was quite pleasant.

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