4 thoughts on “S-Bridges of the Old National Road – Blaine Hill

  1. Interesting history, Mic. I had never heard of s-bridges (at least in brain cells that still function). I looked them up briefly on Wikipedia, and I can understand the logic for keeping the crossing perpendicular, but I am not clear on why the angled approaches. Can you fill me in on more?

    1. I guess just because some of the streams they crossed were not perpendicular to the road but I don’t know. It is a very compact approach to the perpendicular span while keeping the road as straight as possible. The requirements back then were very different than now…horse and ox drawn wagons and springboards, primitive construction equipment, etc.

    1. I understand that there are others but that Ohio has the most in a small area…five, all along the Old National Road. As things open up safely i want to spend some more time along that Road to see what else we can find.

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