6 thoughts on “Wooded Path

    1. Back in the old days, I would screw a green contrast filter on the front of my old 50 mm Super Takumar lens to brighten the tonal rendering of foliage on the Kodak or Ilford B&W film I was using. In Lightroom I can get a similar effect by pulling the Green ‘Black & White Mix’ slider to the right a little.

      1. Oh, trade secrets! I know, not really, but it’s good to get an understanding of how something happens photographically. And since we both have that lens, it’s even more interesting. You may remember that I don’t have any pre-digital photography background; I just used point and shoot cameras before the 2000’s, mainly to record things and events. So I don’t have the deep knowledge that you have, and I own no colored filters – just a few polarizing filters, etc. I have played with the various color filter sliders when processing a black and white photo in LR, but not with much understanding. 😉
        What you describe teaches me a little more, so naturally I have more questions. E.g. before you get to that step, are you starting with a RAW file and going directly to “Treatment” in LR, and clicking black and white there? There are so many ways to begin with black and white (you could choose a profile, you could use Silver Efex, etc). I actually never simply clicked black and white treatment and proceeded from there. Just now, I chose a landscape to play with, did that, and began sliding the green, blue and yellow filters (it’s a green field with a blue sky). Already I can see the results are different from what I’m used to, using presets and playing with them. This seems better, it seems to yield a more classic B&W film look. 🙂
        Thank you!

      2. I got my first 35 mm camera in 1972 and a simple darkroom about 6 months later. I have done a lot of study and experimentation but all as an amateur…not very refined. As for the digital processing, yes, I start with the RAW file imported directly into LR. After that it’s kind of a free-for-all. Sometimes I adjust the color image then convert but sometime convert immediately…depends on the image. There are many ways to convert but I almost always just use the B&W tab on the HSL/Color?B&W tool. I have Silver Efex but have found I am happier with the LR adjustments. Silver Efex seems more harsh or something. So you see, I’m still an amateur… 🙂

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