9 thoughts on “Unnamed Fall near Cedar Fall, Hocking Hills Region

  1. You sure get to hang out in nice places, don’t you Michael 🙂

    I think I prefer this image to its earlier sibling because the tonality is more even across its width — with no loss in dramatic effect. The huge boulders have a weighty, mysterious presence that
    isn’t as apparent in yesterday’s photo. Their heaviness and solidity is magnified by the wispiness of the falls; the wispiness of the falls magnified by the unmovable volumes that share this space.

    1. I do and am grateful for that. 🙂

      I realize that in many of my photographs it is difficult to get an sense of scale and size. I was aware of that especially in the previous image. In this image the boulders help with that. I agree that they add at least as much interest to the image as the fall itself and in a complimentary way, as you point out. I appreciate you comments, ag.

    1. Thanks, Bill. I hope that many of my photographs evoke feelings of solitude, quietness, stillness, etc. , if that is what you mean by isolation. The interesting thing is that many are taken in very public areas that are accessible to me. People walked in front of my camera while I was taking both waterfall photos. A guy walked out onto the little sandbar on the left side of the Cedar Fall image and took a movie with his phone. My exposure was long enough that he just showed up as a ghostly apparition which I later exorcized with Lightroom’s healing brush. And did I mention there were at least two large van loads of Amish folks from the Baltic area there? 🙂

      1. Yes, isolation as in the feeling of experiencing the wonder in contemplative isolation. I took my photos at sunrise, partly to avoid the masses. I have another of Cedar Falls I like but haven’t process to my liking yet . I’ve been working with it on black and white. I’m learning the lightroom process. Thanks for sharing.

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