Outcrop, Mohican State Park

Black Hand Sandstone outcrops for a hundred miles or more along a North-South line through Ohio and locates some of Ohio’s most scenic parks and natural areas.  The formation is named for a soot infused pictograph of a hand created by native people on Council Rock in Black Hand Gorge.  The pictograph was destroyed in 1828.

4 thoughts on “Outcrop, Mohican State Park

    1. Like so many antiquities it was destroyed by ignorance. The early 1800s was a period of growth in Ohio. The account that I read said it was destroyed while building a canal. The immediate surrounding area has all sorts of historical artifacts. Besides the canal there was an electric inter-city railroad and a large quarrying operation from which this sandstone was removed. The city of Newark, just west of The Black Hand Gorge was built on top of one of one of the largest prehistoric earthworks in the eastern U.S. but that is another story. In spite of those stories Ohio does have a number of really interesting prehistoric sites that have been preserved.

      1. A great loss, but it’s good to know that artifacts from America’s indigenous peoples survive in Ohio. I suppose the story’s the same across the U.S.

        Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, Mic.

      2. You’re welcome, of course, MK. Time marches on; it is not always easy to know what should be protected. At least as of now, we consider these things and make conscious choices…I hope.

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