14 thoughts on “Dormant Lotus Garden #2, Midwinter Thaw

    1. Thanks, harrie. I really like these images…disordered lines and marks that the human mind tries to find order in. I made the photographs several days ago but keep going back to them to see what new patterns appear.

    1. I hadn’t really noticed that until your comment but #1 does look very flat and vertical compared to this one. Interesting. Thanks for commenting, John.

  1. I like both of these very much, and I can’t decide which of them I prefer best. Both look like abstract art, and they have meaning, but the actual meaning is just past what I can discern.

    1. Thanks, MK. Meaning? They have no meaning beyond what we individually or collectively ascribe to them. For me, as I mentioned in another comment, they appeal to me by way of my assumption that human beings seem to be wired to look for patterns even in places where none exist. One of the reasons I posted this image was to see if anyone mentioned the humanoid figure entering the right side of the image. No one mentioned it so whatever meaning I associate with that is left only to me. 🙂

      1. I’m reminded of the film “Arrival” which I’d recommended in a comment to one of your earlier posts. The visiting species have a language so distant from the experiences which produced our languages, that communication seemed hopelessly impossible. Except, it wasn’t. At least not in the film. In any event, the lines in your image suggest a hyper-modern version of cuneiform script. I like it a lot. (and now that you’ve pointed it out, I do see the little alien entering from the right)

      2. I knew before I posted my reply to you, that while what I said was true, it was a little harsh. We, or you, or I can assign any number of meanings to these photographs. I too can imagine some kind of script or jottings in a notebook as my friend Dave identified. And of course there is the simple mystery of dormant water plants reflected in still water…

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