9 thoughts on “Edge of Town

    1. Thanks so much, Nora. I welcome comments from everyone…no credentials are required 🙂 Besides, a quick look at your About page indicates that you have better credentials than I. Thanks again.

      1. HAHA! No real credentials here.. I’ve only been paid once for my work. Never published or hung in a gallery.

      2. I count your formal study as credentials… To my credit, I did get honorable mentions in two photo contests back in my film days. And I had the cover photo on the calendar of a national organization! (they didn’t have the common decency to even give me a credit line)

      3. Thank you!! Yes, that is probably another post from my old Quiet Way blog that I should add to my essay page. I entered their photo contest. I read and agree to their terms which allowed them to use all the entries in their promotional materials whether they were winners or not. But when I saw my photograph on the cover it left a very bad taste in my mouth. I don’t do photo contests anymore…

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