6 thoughts on “Walking with Raven

  1. Love this one also, Mic. I read what you wrote about your new direction in photography. It reminded me of this quote:

    “Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.” ― Albert Camus

    1. Thank you, MK. Yes, I can understand why you were reminded of that quote. The name landscapes and other abstractions alludes to that very thing. Every photograph is an abstraction taken from a larger reality; as such it is also a deception presented to the viewer by the photographer. If the viewer goes along with it, communication takes place, sometimes at a very deep level. This is true of many kinds of creative expression; I’m sure you have experienced it often in the museums you visit.

      1. Well said, and thanks. I confess I haven’t thought about photography in that light. Even though I think of photography as an art form, you’ve defined it both technically as well as experientially. What you say is exactly right. When communication happens, that’s when I say “this is art”.

        Speaking of which – yesterday I saw a film right about communication – “Arrival”. I think you might like it.

      2. Well, I cannot speak about art. I don’t claim any knowledge in that arena. I did pass my college course in “Art Appreciation” in the spring of 1970, but only because the university was shut down by rioting just three hours before the midterm that I would have failed. 🙂
        Thanks for the tip on the film.

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