In the beginning, my photographic direction was toward sharpness, perfect contrast control, etc.  I have recently become open to more pictorial images.  I am seriously overcome with that right now…exploring high ISO, noisy images that I have tried to avoid in the past.  This one was made with my Lumix DMC-LX7 in extended ISO of 12800 in early evening light with a neutral density filter.  I really like the effects that can be had this way even though the common wisdom is to avoid high ISO values.  If you don’t like them, check back later…regular programming will resume shortly.

6 thoughts on “Remnants

    1. Yes, I agree…and as an amateur I have the option of doing that whenever I please. 🙂 But no, not a film look. I see it more as an abstraction tool…like selective focus or even intentionally throwing the whole image out of focus to some degree. In this photograph, all of the native detail would be very distracting…as presented there is just enough hint of leaves, branches to set the scene. “Painterly” as my friend sloppy buddhist referred to it in an earlier post.

  1. I think it’s call expressing your self rather than doing what others think is right; 🙂 using film a lot, I have never understood this desire for the avoidance of noise.
    As for sharpness, we just have to look at some of the old classic images to know it is a misnomer when it refers to how good an image is.
    For me, this depicts exactly how my eye first sees a complicated scene.


    1. Thanks so much for this comment, David. Generally speaking, I avoid discussion about the ingredients of good images for the reasons you mention and others. It is too complex. Having said that I do like to know the various ‘rules’ of composition and exposure, etc. …they’re good guides! But some times, maybe many times, you have to break them. 🙂
      I think we make photographs for ourselves, always hoping that they resonate with others. I am simultaneously honored and humbled when that happens.

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