8 thoughts on “Balanced Rock

  1. A fun little skyscape to puzzle out – I see the Y-shaped asterism called the “water jar” of Aquarius at the top about 1/3 of the way from the left. The asterism near the balanced rock (right side) I learned as the “duck feet” of Aquarius. The “hook” in the upper right looks like Corona Australis – Sagitarius is out of the picture, and Capricornus takes up the middle of the shot.

    1. Thanks, Dave. When I looked I didn’t see anything I recognized…just not part of the sky I am familiar with and even worse since I hardly go out and look anymore unless there is a comet or such.

      1. It is a large, rather blank region – devoid of bright stars except for Fomalhaut. So there is not a lot to draw your attention there. Fomalhaut must be hiding in your photo – I need to get a map to compare it to. I may have to log back in and eat crow (Corvus).

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