12 thoughts on “Canyon Rim Trail, Colorado National Monument, #2

    1. I too noticed how horizontal the sedimentation seemed to be; actually took some closer photographs of the finer layers. There is also a dramatic exposed old fault face to the left of this view. Having said that I must say that I don’t have a very good feel for the geology out west. If I understand correctly, these relatively young sandstones are right on top of the basement rocks. The older formations are missing. This is just the opposite to what we have in Ohio. Here the younger sandstones totally eroded away so the rocks we have near the surface are very old but our basement rocks are more than 6500 feet below the surface! All very interesting but hard for me to keep clear in my mind…

      1. I usually see two different sediment patterns out here. One pattern shows complete bending, as if you dropped a wet spaghetti noodle from the pot. The other pattern shows a broken line where the layer stops abruptly and resumes about a foot higher. These seem interesting enough to me to consider photographing, but I wonder how if anyone else would find them interesting too. Maybe so.

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