4 thoughts on “Meander, Killbuck Marsh

    1. Yesterday’s eagle was on downstream to the right and flew into this area when he left. The last time I was here two swans flew over. I think that invitation would work!

      1. One of the foothill areas where I walk the dogs is a watershed from the very high (10k’) mountains nearby. There’s a big catchment area fenced off (by the water company) and I photographed a red winged blackbird there a few days ago. I was so excited! I’ve seen them in central & northern California, but not down here… too urban for their taste. Well that’s the best water & bird story I have to offer.

      2. We are quite fortunate to live in an area with a wide variety of birds and in migratory pathways. Red-winged blackbirds are a favorite of mine…see this post from several years ago.

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