Bald Eagle



I don’t do much wildlife photography…I’m too slow and do not have the patience for it.  This Bald Eagle was very patient with me.  He stayed long enough for me to get my lens changed and camera readjusted.  The image is cropped a lot more than I usually like to do…that is where patience and perseverance on the part of the photographer become important.

6 thoughts on “Bald Eagle

    1. Thanks, Dave. I was fortunate to have taken my long lens along with me this morning. There was no place to pull off the road so I just stopped in my lane…sat there for 11 minutes before he flew away. I think only four cars came by while was there.

    1. Yes, I was lucky…I am guessing he was 80 or 90 yards away and the water came to the side of the road. He was taking a bath and in no hurry to leave!

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