There is a Wonderful Stillness…


sometimes in a snowstorm when the temperature is mild and there is no wind.  People tend to stay at home so the traffic on the road diminishes.  A hush falls over the landscape leaving only the sound of snowflakes falling gently on your shoulders.


Last week’s snowstorm was like that…

8 thoughts on “There is a Wonderful Stillness…

  1. I remember the first time I experienced a snowfall as you describe. I grew up in Phoenix Arizona, but one year I went to visit my grandmother in Indiana. I got to hear the silence of snowfall. It was so wonderful!

    1. Yes, I remember noticing this stillness a couple times when I was young. Then I endured 30 years of commuting over 40 miles of mostly rural roads…I didn’t have much appreciation for it during those years. I can appreciate it again now that I retired. 🙂

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