7 thoughts on “Wet Snow

    1. Thanks, MK! I took a chance going in under that branch to get the photograph. That stuff is cold if it all falls on you. Fortunately I had a hood on my jacket… 😉

      1. And I saw your caption, and said to myself “huh, that’s what wet snow looks like”. I am clueless. I have dry crunchy grass, under-watered grass, nice green grass that’s green because during most of the day it’s in the shadow of a tree… But none is beautiful enough to photograph!

      2. Haha! Yes, I noticed that it has been in the mid-80s out there…and I am thinking “in February?” This snow fell with the temperature near to 32 deg. so it is very heavy and wet. It really weighs down the branches. But if you are under it and disturb the branches it all comes down on you. Woe be to the person without a hood on their jacket!

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