Four Snippets

Four images snipped from a single frame…

foursnippets-4 foursnippets-3 foursnippets-2 foursnippets-1

The camera was panned from inside of moving vehicle, a technique I call differential panning {if you know an official name for the technique, please tell us in a comment}.  For this image the camera was translating on a roughly linear path (motion of the car) toward the left while rotating (motion of the panning) to the right on a short, but not constant, radius.  

The wonderful result is an image in which the amount of motion blur varies in a complex way  in the image.  I find the texture of these photographs quite pleasing…

f/4 at 1/10 sec ISO 500 in overcast evening light.  Vehicle speed approximately 45 mph (72 km/hour).  There was no special processing; I made some contrast adjustments, converted to black and white, and cropped four snippets out of the full frame of the photograph.

3 thoughts on “Four Snippets

    1. Thank you for the comment, Bill. Sorry for the delay in responding; I started several times but wasn’t sure how to. 🙂

      The second frame was cropped out of the center part of the parent photograph so it would be close to the panning target or center. In what most photographers would call perfect panning it should be sharp. Perfect panning is very hard to do in a cramped, moving vehicle so it is a little blurred too. But that is ok, bringing me to the comment about the busyness of the images.

      That this grove of trees, which would be busy enough if totally sharp, is all blurred and busy is the whole idea…an abstract juxtaposition of trees and motion. There are underlying reasons why I like to make images like this and view those of other photographers. Sometime I might write a few paragraphs about them into a post on The Quiet Way.

      Hope your week is off to a good start!

      1. Thanks for the explanation. Interpreting a photo is anew thing for me, so I’m opening myself up. Partly it was a critic of my own aging eyes :). Following your post is an exercise in welcoming a different look at things. Keep looking up!

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