A Beautiful Appulse this Morning


…even with the considerable cloudiness, the gathering of Regulus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus was beautiful.  Venus and Regulus are above the Moon, with Venus the brighter.  Jupiter is lower and to the left of the Moon.  Mars is just above Jupiter but unfortunately obscured by clouds here.

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Appulse this Morning

  1. I’ve been watching the dance for the past few weeks. With good viewing during commuting time (you remember that, don’t you?) I’ve been watching Venus pop up quickly as it is wont to do, and Jupiter slowly moving toward it. Then the moon joined the dance this week.

    1. Commuting time?? I remember that from a long time ago. 🙂 But I do remember that it was a good opportunity to see these gatherings and watch them develop. But even now they draw me outside early in the morning to see them.

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