12 thoughts on “Clark Road Wetlands, Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area

    1. Thanks for the encouraging comment, Dick. I’m working through a little bit of “photographer’s block” right now…nice to get a comment like this!

  1. I am so impressed by your B&W’s. I need to give it a try. Well, actually, I’ve converted some of my images to B&W but I’m underwhelmed with my results.

    1. Thank you, mk. Yes, a simple conversion sometimes works but not often. Color is such a big part of how we see things. A simple conversion to B&W needs something to compensate for the loss of color…brightness, contrast, structure or definition, and maybe some dodging or burning. Of course, sometimes all of that doesn’t work either! Each photograph is an experiment to see what I can tease out of the image after the color is removed. You should give it another try…just make sure that you use a non-destructive editor or work on a copy of your original.

    1. Thanks, Dave. Just remember that in terms of the friendship, you are also an old friend. You might as well start getting used to the adjective.

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