Juvenile Katydid


…this youngster appeared on the handlebars of my bicycle the other day after a ride on the Holmes County Trail.  I loaded the bikes on the back of the truck and didn’t think any more about him.  The next morning when I unloaded the bikes at the Trail, I noticed he was still there; he rode along on our morning ride.  Then back on the truck for the ride home.  As soon as I got the camera out he jumped, first onto me, then onto the floor of the garage. …out to see the world before settling down for his singing career.

5 thoughts on “Juvenile Katydid

  1. A beautiful portrait of a very fine and dashing musician indeed. Excellent shot. And what a delightful, summery tale behind it. Very impressive creature! I love to imagine how the experience must have been for him! Jubilant cheers,

    Autumn Jade

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