6 thoughts on “Scouring Rush, Summer Botanical Series

    1. Yes, they are also called horsetail. I am not a horticulturalist either, relying on my wife, her library of field guides, and Google most of the time. In this case, I ran across horsetails many years ago while studying fossils.

      1. …if I am expected to keep it going, it will be a short one. 🙂 The rocks near the the surface in our area of Ohio are sediments laid down during the Carboniferous period. The horsetails of that time were two feet in diameter and over sixty feet tall. I have reached the limit of my knowledge…

      2. Oh, local history, geology, prehistoric peoples, geography, natural history…all very interesting. I’m not an expert on any of that but it is important to me to have some sense of the place I live. I have written several posts on my other blogs, particularly on The Quiet Way related to those things, although I don’t have them tagged well. I should add some tags there. Thanks for your comments, MK!

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