7 thoughts on “Harbor, Rockport, Maine, 1978

  1. I recall from our days in the pale green offices that you took a photo workshop in Maine or NH or one of those NE states. (you tried to impart the essence of the Zone System into my rocky skull) The timing seems about right – were these recent postings the result of dusting off some of that old work? Really like the harbor pic; don’t quite grok the other one. My preference in art is like my head – concrete.

    1. Dave, you may have a rocky skull (not!) and not be able to grok some of my photographs but you have a good memory! Yes, it was the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, 1978. For some reason, I have been looking back through some old negatives. The Niki Lauda photo started it; it scanned very well. The more recent ones not so well but they work fine for the web. Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  2. I can see the influence of the Zone System in this work – the bright white of the hull in the foreground and the full range of dark tones – nicely done. Were they present in the negative? Or did you improve them after scanning?

    1. Both. The basic idea is there in the negative. It was a long time ago but I probably used a Red 25 filter to pull down the sky and water values. This image is very similar to silver prints I have made from this negative but you can’t just take a negative to Walmart and get the image you see. I tweaked them both.

  3. I kind of figured… Experience tells me that life is seldom black and white – although a whole lot of good photography is…

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