Wind Turbine, Study #1


We just returned from a few days a little further out into the midwest.  While we were in Wisconsin we were able to see the wind turbines at the Organic Valley Distribution Center.  These machines are so large that they are quite difficult to photograph at close range.

8 thoughts on “Wind Turbine, Study #1

    1. Ah yes! We had a connection who took us. My bad neck and inner ear made it impossible to see much in close…the camera had no such issues. Thank you for your wonderful comments!

      1. Ah!!!! Nothing better than a wind-turbine connection, I’m always saying! I must obtain at least twenty of them, meself.

        Aye. Ah too bad, but what brilliant shots you captured despite the odds. I am in love. Wonderful study. You have inspired me to post a few of my own soon.

        I was so thrilled I sang a “turbine song” in a nefarious video I hope is never found dribbling around the internet somewhere that a chum of mine speeded up into the net-world before I could blink.

        Turbines tend to have that influence on me. You should see how I get with solar panels. It is ridiculous 😉 Took a solar tour not too long ago, at the little solar centre here. The fine tour guide clearly wished to deliver a few very therapeutic and very quelling blows to the avidly clinking camera (or perhaps even the photo-taker….possibly…) as I puttered way behind the group twirling into all kinds of odd positions for the “ultimate angle”. Thankfully, I didn’t sing…
        too loudly…
        certainly not loud enough to drown out her informative lecture, no no….certainly not. 😉

        Oh dear… Many cheers,

        Autumn Jade

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