5 thoughts on “18 AND OVER

    1. Alas, just a cup of coffee. I keep looking at the iPad with the expectation that I could use one only to realize I really have no use for it. I’m still holding out for a mobile version of OS X which everyone assures me will never happen.

      1. I figured it was one of the giant women – might be useful around the farm – if you put some work clothes on them.

      2. I only saw photographs but they looked like there might be high maintenance costs associated with them. Got a new tractor for the farm instead.

        Glad to see you still get out here to the rural parts of the internet Dave…hadn’t heard from you for a while.

  1. I stop by pretty regularly – just haven’t found the right trigger to cause me to leave you a message.

    Good choice on the tractor. At least at your age.


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